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Work Adjustment Services

Work Adjustment

Individualized Work Adjustment is a 2 to 16 week training program in either a community or facility based setting that provides skill enhancement and increase of functional capacities. Clear expectations and goals are identified at the beginning of services and Consumer’s progress is evaluated weekly. Facility-based work adjustment training opportunities are available in the areas of human services, clerical/office, food services, janitorial/maintenance, Landscaping/Plantscapes. Various community based work adjustment opportunities are also available depending on the client’s interest and vocational focus. Consumers are paid at a minimum wage for up to 25 hours/week.

Personal Adjustment 

This training program was designed to help individuals identify and improve various concerns that may pose a barrier to employment, such as: work behaviors, attitudes, work ethic, inter-personal skills, grooming and hygiene, appropriate work attire, etc.  Personal adjustment is provided through a standardized curriculum and the training program runs Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 2:00PM.