Our Services

Vocational Evaluation

Situational Assessments & Vocational Evaluations 

In order to provide the best possible individual service, IKRON provides Situational Assessments and Vocational Evaluations for individuals seeking employment.

IKRON staff use all available tools to find out an individual's skills and interests. We work with the participant after the assessment or evaluation to create a realistic employment goal that meets the person's needs.

To understand the full range of a person's skills, we may use tools like:

  • Interviews
  • Vocational tests
  • Hands-on assessments
  • Simulated work samples
  • Labor market analysis

Career Exploration 

Once an individual has a few possibilities for jobs in mind, it's time to take a closer look. The participant and the job developer may use job shadowing, informational interviews, or data about the local labor market in the exploration process. This gives the participant a closer look at employment goals.

The goal of career exploration is to help the individual narrow down his or her range of potential kinds of jobs to one or two types to look for during the job search.