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Collage from IKRON's Summer Youth Program
Collage from IKRON's Summer Youth Program

Going for Gold: 54 Students Gain Firsthand Work Experience at IKRON

August 2, 2021  |  Summer Youth, Youth Program

Every summer, a group of young people walk through IKRON's doors to try something new. Something different from their usual day-to-day. Something designed to build their confidence and get them ready for their

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headshot of WARMLINE Assistant Janet Kohl
WARMLINE Assistant Janet Kohl

10 Questions Plus with Janet Kohl

July 21, 2021

This week's 10 Questions Plus is with WARMLINE Assistant Janet Kohl. Q. Where are you from? A. Cincinnati. Q. What would you name your autobiography? A. The Neverending Rollercoaster. Q. If you could be any

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Yellow banner with "Top Workplaces 2021" written on it

IKRON is a Top Workplace for the 7th Time

June 15, 2021  |  Award, Top Workplace

At IKRON, we love coming to work every day and helping our participants achieve their dreams. As Clinical Services Assistant Nicole Broomfield says, "We are here to help persons achieve a better life for themselves and

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Some of the May 2021 IKRON Graduates
Some of the May 2021 IKRON Graduates

Taking Back Hope: 71 Graduates Celebrate Successes

May 28, 2021  |  Graduation

We're delighted to resume our usual schedule of two graduations every year in 2021, with our first graduating class of 71 individuals celebrating their successes on May 21, 2021. In order to graduate from IKRON, a

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Six young people stand on the steps of a building at Xavier University.
IKRON's first class of Project SEARCH graduates.

Project Success! IKRON Celebrates our First Year of Participation in Project Search

May 19, 2021  |  Project Search, Youth Program

Congratulations to IKRON's first class of Project SEARCH graduates! We're delighted to have begun participation in this excellent program at Xavier University. Project SEARCH is for young people aged 18 to 21 with

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Perseverence Pays Off for 95 IKRON Graduates

October 30, 2020

Twice a year, IKRON pauses to celebrate our participants who have found success. In 2020, our usual May graduation was cancelled, which meant we had a great deal to celebrate when October rolled around. In order to

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