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You Are the Friend We Need

November 27, 2018  |  Donate, Giving Tuesday, Graduation
IKRON graduates celebrate

When participants step inside IKRON's door for the first time, they can feel lots of things: nervous, excited, skeptical, relieved. More than anything else, though, our new participants often feel alone.

Our job from day one is to change that feeling. Counselors, job developers, and fellow participants make sure that everyone who comes through IKRON's doors knows that they have friends here, and they are not in this alone.

One hour of employment training at IKRON costs $25. IKRON participants have a 70% chance of getting a job after completing 100 hours in IKRON’s programming. Of those who get jobs, nearly 80% stay employed for 90 days or longer. This is the power of having a friend by your side, and that friend is you.

For Giving Tuesday, you can be that friend to the person who's just walked through the door. Maybe their mental health has kept them out of the job market for years. Maybe they've just gotten sober and are looking to turn their life around. Maybe an injury convinced them they'll never work again. Maybe a mistake they made early in life is still haunting them. Whatever brings them here, with your gift you are the friend who steps in and says, "You are not alone."

Now is the time to become a Friend of IKRON or renew your membership. Your $25 donation provides that first hour of training, and will make the difference between being alone and having a friendDonate to IKRON today and be the friend our participants have been waiting for.