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Now Is the Time for Champions

November 27, 2018  |  Donate, Giving Tuesday, Student of the Year
IKRON 2018 Students of the Year
IKRON 2018 Students of the Year

Every hero needs a hand from time to time. Someone to step in at just the right moment and give just the right kind of help the hero needs to take that next step of their journey.

Here at IKRON, we believe every participant deserves to be the hero of his or her own story. And today, we're inviting you to be a part of our heroes' stories

With your monthly donation to IKRON, you're helping stories unfold and dreams come true. You're partnering with our heroes to make sure they have what they need to keep moving forward. You're the champion who makes the heroes' road smoother and gives them courage to face each day.

Here's what your monthly donation can do for an IKRON hero in 2019:

$3/month: One hour of one-on-one employment training for one participant
$5/month: Complete resume development for one participant
$10/month: One month of meals for one participant
$50/month: One week of on-the-job training for one participant
$100/month: One month of computer training for one participant
$200/month: Two months of education services for one youth participant

Will you answer the call to be the friend our heroes need? Become a Friend of IKRON today and be a champion!