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Nobody Gets Left Behind

December 20, 2019  |  50th Anniversary
IKRON participants hard at work in the computer lab
IKRON participants hard at work in the computer lab

Our world is run on computers, and to lack computer knowledge is to be left behind. But that's the reality many of our participants are in when they first walk through our doors.

Some didn't get the opportunity to learn computer skills until now. Some have skills that are rusty. And some are so frozen in fear of doing it wrong that they haven't yet had the confidence to learn how to do it right.

And that's where you come in. An hour of computer training costs $50. Could you donate $50 today to make sure the next participant gets the training they need to succeed?

Our participants come to IKRON ready eager to learn and ready to work hard. They have the courage to ask for help and the strength to say, "I don't know." Our job is to meet them where they are, whether they need to learn basics like typing and internet safety, or more advanced skills like Microsoft Office.

Participants in the day program spend one hour per day in the computer lab, practicing their skills and applying for jobs. For folks who need more intensive training, IKRON offers beginning and intermediate computer classes an additional two hours per week, with the goal being to get our participants as confident and independent as possible with computers.

After a few weeks of working and learning, our participants gain the confidence they need to sit down at a computer and get to work, plus many gain NCRC and Microsoft certifications to put on a resume.

We're committed to getting our participants the tools they need to succeed, whether that means getting them their first email address, teaching them Excel for their next job opportunity, or opening the door to successfully navigating online job applications. Will you ensure that folks in your community aren't getting left behind for lack of computer skills?

Here are some ways you can help:

  • $25 - one participant receives 30 minutes of computer training
  • $50 - one participant receives an hour of computer training
  • $100 - one participant attends an additional computer class for one week
  • $250 - one participant attends one week of computer training

Every dollar of your donation to IKRON's computer training programs gets a participant one step closer to getting employed, graduating from IKRON, and leading a more fulfilling life. Will you partner with our participants today as they work hard to reach their dreams? Donate to IKRON's computer training program today.