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IKRON Begins Year Three of Project SEARCH

August 18, 2022  |  Project Search, Youth Program

Three new groups of student interns have begun work at three Project Search locations across Cincinnati: 5/3 Bank Operations Center, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, and Xavier University. These students will spend this school year in these real-life work scenarios, sharpening their job skills and doing activities to get them ready for the job market.

Project SEARCH is for young people aged 18 to 21 with disabilities who have completed their high school requirements and are looking to transition to competitive employment. With support from the worksites and their IKRON career coaches, participants take on three consecutive 10-week internships in different parts of their worksite in order to gain experience in multiple areas. They'll also do resume work, mock interviews, and informational interviews with professionals in their field of interest so they're prepared for the next step of their careers.


Project SEARCH has been a successful program for over 15 years and IKRON is honored to be a part of it. Our job coaches offered on-the-job support, travel training for students who need to learn to use public transportation, and job development services to help students make the transition to the workforce after Project SEARCH.


If you or your student is interested in Project SEARCH, learn more at Great Oaks' website.