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50 For 50 #17: Reentering the Workforce

November 17, 2019  |  50th Anniversary
An IKRON participant at work
An IKRON participant at work

This is the seventeenth in a continuing series of stories--one every day for 50 days--to conclude IKRON's year-long celebration of our 50th anniversary. Missed one? No problem! See the entire series on our news page here.

When someone who experiences challenges to employment, such as mental illness, reenters the workforce, they may need support adjusting to the day-to-day realities of work. Feelings of anxiety or apprehension are normal. But that doesn't mean they can't be successful, and with the right supports, they can excel.

IKRON's career specialists and job coaches provide these supports to our participants, whether job coaching, employer consultation, case management, or other supportive career services. We encourage our successful job seekers to put our services to use right away instead of waiting for problems to arise, so that when the struggles do come, they already have a support system ready.

All of our employment services are tailored to the individual. Maybe someone prefers to solve problems over a telephone call, while someone else would rather meet face-to-face at the workplace. Often, the career specialist can intervene with the employer to help address on-the-job difficulties, which is a valuable service to an employer who wishes to reduce turnover and wants employees to succeed.

Statistics show that individuals who utilize these types of support and retention services, especially in the first 90 days of employment, are more likely to keep their jobs long-term. IKRON graduates can receive 18 months or more of follow-along services, if they wish. We are committed to making sure every participant who walks through our doors has the support they need to succeed.


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