With Your Help, We Can Give More Second Chances

Posted on: December 3, 2019
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IKRON's original building on Scioto Street

IKRON's original building on Scioto Street

In IKRON's 50 years, we've seen thousands of changed lives. Folks come to us discouraged, many having given up hope of ever finding a second chance. Here at IKRON, they find the acceptance, encouragement, and second chances they were looking for.

We love that we get to come in and see their hard work and determination every day. We love being part of this transformation. And we want you to be part of it, too.

With so many folks needing services, our building is full. From program participants who are here every day to folks who only come in every couple weeks for counseling, everyone has to fit in where they can find a space.

Can you help us make more space for second chances?

With your help, we can expand our building to add more counseling rooms, more offices for staff, and more services for the community. When folks come to us for second chances, we'll be able to greet them with open doors.

When you become a Friend of IKRON, you'll open that door to someone in our community who needs a second chance. Someone who is discouraged and without hope. Someone who is just looking for a friend, and could find one here.
Donate to IKRON today and give the gift of second chances in your community.

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