The Courage to Ask

Posted on: December 3, 2019
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A participant shares struggles with an IKRON staff member

A participant shares struggles with an IKRON staff member

When participants step inside IKRON's door for the first time, they can feel lots of things: nervous, excited, skeptical, or relieved. More than anything else, though, our new participants often feel alone.

Our job from day one is to change that feeling. Program Director Melissa Harmeling says, "It takes a lot of courage to step in the door and say, 'I've been struggling and I need help.'" It's our job to honor that courage and make sure our participants have the help they need.

And that's where you come in, when you become a Friend of IKRON.

Right now, IKRON has over 20 people on our waiting list. That's 20 people like you and me who stepped in the door and said, "I need help." And we've had to ask them to wait. I know that you, like me, hate asking people to wait, especially after they've already struggled for so long.

One hour of employment training at IKRON costs $25. IKRON participants have a 70% chance of getting a job after completing 100 hours in IKRON’s programming. Of those who get jobs, nearly 80% stay employed for 90 days or longer. When you become a Friend of IKRON, you provide that first hour of programming so someone on our waitlist can stop waiting and start working toward a brighter future.
Join with us in honoring the courage that it takes to ask for help. Donate to IKRON today and be the friend our participants have been waiting for.

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