On Giving Tuesday, You Can Create Second Chances

Posted on: November 27, 2017
Tags: graduation, giving tuesday
IKRON participants at graduation

When Cynthia first came to IKRON, she had not worked for many years. However, she made it clear from the beginning that she was prepared to work hard and only needed someone to give her a chance. Not willing to sit back and let that chance come to her, Cynthia plunged into building chances into her life: knocking on her job developer's door daily, chasing down job leads, and refining her resume and interview skills.

Cynthia's hard work paid off when she landed a job with Kroger and proved what she'd been saying all along; she seized her chance at her new job and was soon impressing her supervisors.

Today, IKRON has many Cynthias on our waiting list--over 30 people ready to work hard, apply themselves, and make the most of every chance that comes their way. Will you donate to IKRON today and give those 30 people the chance they're waiting for?

On her IKRON graduation day, we celebrated with Cynthia, her friends, and her family. You can make more celebrations happen in more lives when you donate to IKRON today. Every dollar goes toward making more chances for people like Cynthia. Create a chance in someone's life today!

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