Getting There From Here

Posted on: December 6, 2019
a Cincinnati metro bus in downtown

No one can work at a job that they can't get to.

At IKRON, we help our participants identify and cope with all kinds of barriers to employment, such as disabilities, educational deficits, mental health challenges, and more. One persistent barrier is transportation, or rather, a lack of access to transportation.

We combat this access problem in a number of ways, including providing travel training to program participants who may have never used public transportation before and showing job seekers how to find work that is on a Cincinnati Metro line. Unfortunately, riding the bus isn't free, and even once a participant knows how and where to catch a bus to get to and from a new job, that cost can be another barrier.

Once upon a time, IKRON participants were part of the Everybody Rides Metro program, which provided subsidized transportation to low-income Cincinnatians through a federal program. When the program was discontinued in late 2016, the funds went away. But our participants' need to get to and from IKRON for training, and then to and from a job, didn't disappear.

Since no one can work at a job they can't get to, IKRON stepped up to continue providing free or discounted transportation to our program participants, including those first few weeks on the job before the a paycheck has arrived. Continuing this program ourselves costs thousands of dollars every year. Can you help us get our participants to and from training and work?

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Provide one day of transportation for one person: $4.00
  • Provide one week of transportation for one person: $20.00
  • Provide one day of transportation for ten people: $40.00
  • Provide one month of transportation for one person: $80.00
  • Provide one week of transportation for ten people: $200.00

Every dollar that you donate toward covering a participants' transportation costs gets a participant one step closer to reaching their dreams of employment and self-sufficiency. Will you partner with IKRON today to remove the barrier of transportation access for someone in your community?

Edit: this post has been updated to reflect current Cincinnati Metro transportation costs in August 2021.

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