50 For 50 #1: How IKRON Got Its Name

Posted on: November 1, 2019
Tags: 50th Anniversary
a desk with a record, a typewirter, a cup, a pinecone, and Scrabble tiles sitting on top

We're so excited to launch our new series today, 50 For 50: one story per day from IKRON's history for 50 days, to conclude our year-long celebration of our 50th anniversary.

Where did the name IKRON come from? We started off life as the UC Rehabilitation Center, but when the UC and what is now IKRON formally separated, it was time for a new name--something unusual and easily remembered, but not something that would label our clients. Dr. Scott Myers pulled out five Scrabble tiles at random, and arranged and rearranged until she settled on an order she liked: I-K-R-O-N.

The new name was not meant as an acronym, but questions about what the letters stood for arose almost immediately. Dr. Scott sat down again, this time with a colleague, and together they hammered out a descriptive meaning for those five letters: Integration of Knowledge and Resources for Occupational Needs.

And so we remain.

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