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IKRON Success Stories


For the five years before he came to IKRON, Lonnie had been a recluse, a victim of self-imposed isolation due to anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Shopping was a nightmare—the shelves seemed to close in on him. His landlord, who shopped for him, was just about his only contact in the world. Noise and large groups of people brought on severe panic attacks. 

A change in medications and lots of encouragement from his case manager gave Lonnie enough strength to apply to IKRON. He was pleasant but anxious, friendly but uncomfortable around others. Most importantly, however, he was motivated to change. Depression, anxiety, and panic attacks resulted in absences and slow progress. However, he had a good work ethic, was committed to his program, and was eager to control his racing thoughts. Early on in his program, he went out to eat with his landlord one day—a huge step forward.

With time and support from IKRON and his BVR counselor, Lonnie worked through his anxiety around others. He became very popular among other IKRON consumers and was even elected president of the IKRON Self-Government Group. While he still had panic attacks and self-doubt, he became more assertive, made friends, and helped others. Lonnie began working in the IKRON kitchen and assisting with maintenance around the building. Both of these experiences sharped his skill set that led him to obtain a part-time job with Red Carpet Janitorial Service.

Lonnie enjoyed several major achievements in addition to employment. He overcame his phobia and began riding the Cincinnati Metro buses. He even got on an airplane to attend his daughter’s nursing school graduation in Arkansas. After his trip, he completed the supportive employment program and graduated from IKRON.

Sue Ellen

When she was young, Sue Ellen was teased and ridiculed by other children. Her alcohol abuse began at age 12 and she soon began using other drugs. Sue Ellen abused substances in an effort to cope with her depression and deal with past trauma.

Sue Ellen came to IKRON with the goals of maintaining sobriety, maintaining healthy relationships, and working toward employment. At IKRON, she felt a sense of belonging and developed close friendships with positive people. By becoming actively involved in IKRON’s programming, she learned strategies to prevent relapse. Sue Ellen eventually progressed to leading weekly AA meetings.

Additionally, she learned job search and job maintenance skills at IKRON. With help from staff, Sue Ellen obtained employment, graduated from IKRON, and stayed employed and sober.


Following a work-related injury, Sidney spent many years attempting to reenter the workforce. He no longer was able to meet the physical demands of employment in a correctional setting, and therefore needed to explore a career change. Sidney was referred to IKRON by BVR.

Upon his arrival at IKRON, Sidney participated in the Supported Employment program in order to examine his vocational potential, develop skills, and increase his stamina for competitive employment. After completing a work trial, Sidney decided to pursue a career in the clerical field. He enrolled in IKRON’s clerical training program, which assisted him in developing skills such as using office equipment, typing, computer use, and receptionist duties.

Upon completion of the program, Sidney was hired by a local hotel in a position requiring excellent interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and a customer-focused mindset.


Rosa had been struggling with many difficulties in life when she came to IKRON. Her sunny face was clouded over many days. Nevertheless, Rosa availed herself of all that IKRON had to offer. Rain or shine, she would show up at 8 AM every day and stay actively engaged in the program until 2 PM. A smile gradually came back to Rosa’s face as she overcame her depression. What’s more, her rays of sunshine also touched the hearts of many others. Some participants who were struggling with depression looked forward to seeing Rosa’s smiling face and warm welcome each day.

Rosa graduated from IKRON and was employed as a bus monitor for children with disabilities. It was challenging at first to win the children’s trust. Remembering her own struggles with disability, Rosa always went the extra mile to make each child feel at ease. Over time, she developed a strong bond with the children and grew to love her job so much that she passed up opportunities for less physically challenging jobs to remain with the kids she’d worked so hard to get to know.


When Cynthia first came to IKRON, she had not worked for a number of years. However, she made it clear from the beginning that she wanted to work and just needed “someone to give me a chance.” Cynthia worked to make that chance happen, knocking on her job developer’s door daily to get information on new job leads and check in on her progress.

Cynthia was hired by Kroger and at her IKRON graduation, many friends and supporters were in attendance to cheer her on and celebrate all she had accomplished.


Quiet, reserved, anxious, worried and sad...that’s how LaTonya was described when she first came to IKRON asking for help with “a job… any job”. One had to have genuine care to be able to notice that behind an apparently fragile, unconfident person, there was a very determined, strong woman, who accepted the strikes of life with no complaints, and no anger or hatred.

Once here at IKRON, LaTonya began working on her depression and lack of confidence in counseling, while working on her employment skills in the supported employment group. Her commitment and determination was evident through her regular attendance and participation, eagerness to learn, and willingness to help others. Soon she began providing support for other members, helping them get acclimated to the group and “taking them under her wing.” Little did she know when she began IKRON that by allowing herself to receive support and guidance, soon she would become someone that others in the program would look to as a role model.

LaTonya is now confident, no longer sad or anxious, and is happily working as a bus driver for First Student. She transports K through 8th graders to and from school and makes sure that everyone makes it safely to their destination. Once again, she is a role model: this time for children in our community, instilling safety, determination, and a peace of mind to all people she comes in contact with.

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