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At IKRON, our services begin with knowing you - how you feel about your independence and your future. Our professional staff will work with you to choose services to meet your needs. You will have access to one of the industry's leading and nationally accredited vocational facilities.

IKRON Cincinnati Management Staff

Executive Director, IKRON Cincinnati     Randy Strunk, MEd, MA, LPCC-S
Director of MIS   David James, Client Rights Officer
Director of Program Services   Melissa Harmeling, MA, LPCC-S
Director of Employment Services   Darla Menz, MEd, MA, LPCC-S
Placement Coordinator   Cheryl Coey Krummen, Career Specialist
Intake Coordinator   Shelly Krotine, MA, LPCC-S
Clinical Director   Janie O'Brien, MA, LPCC-S

IKRON Greater Seattle Management Staff

Former Executive Director and Founder, IKRON Greater Seattle L. Monica Negrila, LMHC, MHP, CDPT
Interim Director, IKRON Greater Seattle

Tisza Rutherford, MA, CDP 

IKRON Cincinnati Programming and Support Staff

Breanna Bond        Office Assistant
Jim Brock   Vocational Instructor, Food Services
Christy Capell   Youth Group Leader, Clinical Counselor
Ken Carbonell   Fiscal Director
Stephanie Carrothers         Office Assistant
Jan Danner   Licensed Professional Counselor
Ralph Dehner   MVWC Trainer
Pat Dittmeier   Substance Abuse Group Leader, Clinical Counselor
Cecil Dillingham   Vocational Instructor, Building
Erik Edwards        Educational/Employment Assistant
Viola Harrison   WARMLINE Attendant
Gianna Himes        Career Specialist
Katherine Jakucki        Clinical Counselor
Cindy Kyle   Vocational Assistant
Audrey Koopman   Office Assistant
Kevin Lane        Career Specialist
Sharon Love        Job Developer
Beth Maltry   Career Specialist
Barbara McGuire        Office Assistant
Melissa McKie   Employment Services Assistant
Holly Mitchell   Support Services Assistant
James Morris   Vocational Instructor, Building
Dr. Mary Moster     Clinical Psychologist
Mia Natas   Vocational Instructor, Computer Lab, Office Assistant 
Joey Oakwood   Clinical Services Assistant Employment Services Assistant
Andrew Parlin   Clinical Services Assistant, Vocational Assessments
Alissa Pease        Clinical Counselor
Pat Prince     WARMLINE Attendant
Jason Poland   Career Specialist
Dan Roundtree   IT Assistant
Hannah Russell   Clinical Services Assistant, Employment Services Assistant
Julie Schild   Clinical Services Assistant, Employment Services Assistant
Sarah Stafford   Clinical Services Assistant, Employment Services Assistant
Ella Stark       

 Career Specialist   

Heather Stoess        Employment Services Assistant
Betty Strunk   Plantscapes
Amy Stullenberger   Pathways Counselor
Matthew Thibodeaux         Warmline
Jen Tittermary   Supported Employment Group Leader, Outcome Coordinator
Michelle Mary Troutwine         Employment Services Assistant
Venita Tyler   Clerical Assistant, Employment Services Assistant
Rose Vogt   WARMLINE Program Coordinator
Bob Wagner   Vocational Assistant, Food Services
Su Wilcox   Fiscal Assistant
Theresa Zaffiro       


IKRON staff
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